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TFTSG Membership

The TFTSG currently has 280 members from 52 nations who work or focus their efforts in 107 nations.
(as of 24 February 2012)
(For global maps of where TFTSG members live, work or focus [previous 2004-2008 Quadrennium data], click here)

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Current 2009-2012 IUCN Quadrennium TFTSG Membership Database,
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If you have forgotten the password, email
Anders Rhodin.

Membership in the TFTSG is by invitation only, based on experience, expertise,
and leadership in freshwater turtle or tortoise conservation and/or biology.

Please contact Peter Paul van Dijk or Brian Horne if you would like to be considered for TFTSG membership. We are especially interested in new members from nations under-represented in the membership, and who are focused on scientific research and/or conservation efforts for tortoises and/or freshwater turtles. We are always interested in new members with turtle and/or tortoise expertise and a passion for their conservation. Turtles are in serious trouble and need all the help they can get. If you feel that you are interested and would like to contribute to our work, please contact us. Although membership is considered an honor earned, it is also a responsibility to participate and to contribute actively to our turtle conservation efforts. We focus primarily on scientific evaluations of status and threats analysis, and help to catalyze conservation action, while avoiding non-scientific advocacy. For more detailed information on the work and activities of the TFTSG, see this link.

For a short history of the TFTSG and its former leadership, click here.


TFTSG Executive Committee: (Leadership update as of June 2012)

Peter Paul van Dijk (Co-Chair TFTSG) [Send Email]
     Conservation International, Arlington, VA, USA
Brian D. Horne (Co-Chair TFTSG) [Send Email]
     Wildlife Conservation Society, New York, NY, USA
Anders G.J. Rhodin (Chairman Emeritus TFTSG, Red List Coordinator, Co-Chair TCF) [Send Email]
     Director, Chelonian Research Foundation, Lunenburg, MA, USA
Russell A. Mittermeier [Send Email]
     President, Conservation International, Arlington, VA, USA
Peter C.H. Pritchard [Send Email]
     President, Chelonian Research Institute, Oviedo, FL, USA

(Left to Right: Peter Paul van Dijk, Brian Horne, Anders Rhodin, Russ Mittermeier, Peter Pritchard)


TFTSG Steering Committee and  IUCN Red List Authority:

Ernst H.W. Baard, South Africa
Kristin H. Berry, USA
Kurt A. Buhlmann, USA
Indraneil Das, Malaysia
Arthur Georges, Australia
J. Whitfield Gibbons, USA
Douglas B. Hendrie, Vietnam
Brian D. Horne, USA (Co-Chair, TFTSG)
Rick Hudson, USA (President, TSA)
John B. Iverson, USA
Gerald Kuchling,  Australia
Michael Lau, China
Dwight P. Lawson, USA (Vice-President, TSA)
Jeffrey E. Lovich, USA
Luca Luiselli, Italy
Russell A. Mittermeier, USA (President, Conservation International)
Edward O. Moll, USA
Vivian P. Páez, Colombia
Hans-Dieter Philippen, Germany
Peter C.H. Pritchard, USA (President, Chelonian Research Institute)
Hugh R. Quinn, USA (Co-Chair TCF)
Herilala Randriamahazo, Madagascar
Anders G.J. Rhodin, USA (Chairman Emeritus, TFTSG; Co-Chair, TCF; Director, Chelonian Research Foundation)
Raymond A. Saumure, USA
H. Bradley Shaffer, USA
Dionysius S.K. Sharma, Malaysia
Shi Haitao, China
Shailendra Singh, India
Peter Paul van Dijk, USA (Co-Chair TFTSG; Red List Focal Point)
Richard C. Vogt, Brazil

Current TFTSG Membership (2009-2012)

The following is a list of all TFTSG Members for the 2009-2012 IUCN Quadrennium, including Last Name, First Name, Country of Residence, and Nations or Regions of Focus. For full professional information, TFTSG Members may access the members-only password-protected membership database (click here). Non-members who wish to make contact with members or make enquiries pertinent to turtle conservation efforts by any of these members or in these areas may contact Peter Paul van Dijk or Brian Horne for more information and referrals to the members.

All members of this TFTSG network of turtle specialists are available as appropriate to help provide commentary, expertise, consultation, and/or guidance to assist turtle conservation efforts or endeavors wherever needed. We will make every effort to meet all legitimate needs and to provide help or advice as necessary. We engage in scientific data-driven technical advice recommendations and do not engage in non-data-driven advocacy. Contact Peter Paul van Dijk or Brian Horne for any questions.

Acuña-Mesén    Rafael A.    Costa Rica    Costa Rica
Ades    Gary W.J.    China    South East Asia (primarily); China
Aguirre Leon    Gustavo    Mexico    Mexico
Ahsan    M. Farid    Bangladesh    Bangladesh
Akre    Thomas S.B.    USA    United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Venezuela
Alacs    Erika A.    Australia    Northern Australia
Alcalde    Leandro    Argentina    Argentina
Allman    Phil    USA    USA, Costa Rica, Ghana
Altherr    Sandra    Germany    Europe, Global; Germany

Anders    Ben    USA    USA, China
Arakelyan    Marine    Armenia    Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Azerbaijan)
Aresco    Matthew J.    USA    Southeastern USA
Artner    Harald    Austria    Austria
Attum    Omar    USA    Middle East -Egypt; USA -Midwest
Auliya    Mark A.    Malaysia    Indonesia, Malaysia
Avery    Harold W.    USA    USA, Costa Rica
Ayres     Cesar     Spain     Spain, Portugal
Baard    Ernst H.W.    South Africa    South Africa
Baha El Din     Sherif    Egypt    Egypt, Libya, Middle East, North Africa
Baker    Patrick J.    USA    USA, Ghana
Banks    Chris B.    Australia    Australia and South-east Asia; Vietnam; Philippines
Baruah    Chittaranjan    India    India
Batistella    Alexandre    Brazil    Brazil 
Berry    Kristin H.    USA    USA
Bertolero    Albert    Spain    Spain, France, Western Mediterranean
Bhupathy    Subramanian    India    India
Bjorndal    Karen A.    USA    Bahamas, Florida, USA
Blanck    Torsten E.G.    Austria    Austria, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Laos, Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy
Bock    Brian C.    Colombia    South America, especially Colombia
Bolton     Ryan M.     Canada     Canada, Costa Rica
Bour    Roger    France    Europe, W Indian Ocean Islands, Tropical Africa, S America; France; Reunion; Mauritius; Ivory Coast; Brazil
Bourquin    Ortwin    USA    Have worked in South Africa
Brooks    Ronald J.    Canada    Canada
Buhlmann    Kurt A.    USA    United States, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Jamaica
Buley    Kevin R.    United Kingdom    Europe, SE Asia; UK
Burke    Russell L.    USA    USA
Bury    R. Bruce    USA    USA; Mexico
Buskirk    James R.    USA    USA, Mexico, Greece, Turkey
Butler    Joseph A.    USA    USA
Cabrera    Mario    Argentina    Argentina
Caccone    Adalgisa    USA    Galapagos, Ecuador
Cadi    Antoine    France    France, Nepal, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, West Africa
Calderón-Mandujano    Romel René    México    México
Calle    Paul P.    USA    USA (New York), Russia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China
Caporaso    Fredric    USA    USA; Galapagos, Ecuador
Carr    John L.    USA    USA, Latin America, specifically Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador
Castaño-Mora    Olga Victoria    Colombia    Colombia
Castellano    Christina    Australia    northeastern North America, Australia, Madagascar
Chan    Eng-Heng    Malaysia    Malaysia
Chauhan    Rajeev    India    India
Chen    Tien-Hsi    China (Taiwan)    Taiwan (including some species in mainland China)
Choudhury    Binod Chandra    India    India
Clavijo-Baquet    Sabrina    Uruguay    Uruguay
Colli    Guarino    Brazil    Brazil, Cerrado, Amazonia
Collins    David E.    USA    USA
Congdon    Justin D.    USA    USA
Conway-Gómez    Kristen    USA    Bolivia
Crow    Paul    China    Hong Kong, China
Das    Indraneil    Malaysia    Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.
de Bruin    Ron W.F.    Netherlands    Netherlands
de Silva    Anslem    Sri Lanka    Sri Lanka
Deepak    V.    India    India
Diagne    Lamine    Senegal    Senegal
Diagne    Tomas    Senegal    Africa (Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Niger, Benin, and Democratic Republic of Congo)
Diesmos    Arvin    Philippines    Philippines and Southeast Asia
Dodd, Jr.    C. Kenneth    USA    USA
Doody    J. Sean    Australia    Australia, USA
Dorcas    Michael E.    USA    USA, Costa Rica
Drobenkov    Sergey    Belarus     Belarus
Drummond     Gláucia Moreira     Brazil     Brazil
Eisemberg    Carla C.    Australia    Brazil, Australia, and Papua New Guinea
Emmett    David    Cambodia    Indo-Burma region; Cambodia
Engstrom    Tag N.    USA    Panama, Peru, Turkey, California
Estrades    Andrés    Uruguay    Uruguay
Fachín-Terán    Augusto    Brazil     Amazonia; Brazil
Fallabrino    Alejandro    Uruguay     Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina
Fanazava    Rijasoa    Madagascar    Madagascar
Farkas    Balázs L.    Hungary    Hungary
Feldman    Mark L.    New Zealand    New Zealand, USA
Ferreira Júnior    Paulo Dias    Brazil    Brazil
Ferri    Vincenzo    Italy    Italy,1987-1990 Uganda
Ferronato     Bruno     Peru     Peru, Brazil, USA
Fidenci    Pierre    USA    USA, Philippines, Republic of Congo, Colombia, France, Italy, Cuba
Fielder    Darren P.    Australia    Australia
FitzSimmons    Nancy N.    Australia    Australia, Indo-Pacific
Flanagan    Joseph P.    USA    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Flores-Villela    Oscar A.    Mexico    Mexico
Fong    Jonathan J.    USA    China, Taiwan
Fontijne    Wim    Netherlands    Europe; Netherlands
Fordham    Damien A.    Australia    Australia
Forero-Medina    German    Colombia    Colombia
Fornetti    Alessandro Nati    Italy    Italy, Mediterranean area, Europe
Frankel    Matthew G.    USA    USA, Madagascar
Freeman    Alastair B.    Australia    Australia
Freyer    Daniela    Germany    Global; Germany
Fritz    Uwe    Germany    Western Palearctic, SE Asia; Germany
Gallego-Garcia    Natalia    Colombia    Colombia
Garcia    Gerardo    United Kingdom    Europe, Madagascar; UK, Caribbean
Georges    Arthur    Australia    Australasia; Australia; Papua New Guinea
Gerlach    Justin    United Kingdom    Seychelles
Germano    David J.    USA    USA, Mexico
Ghaffari    Hanyeh    Iran    Iran, Turkey
Gibbons    J. Whitfield    USA    USA
Gillingwater    Scott D.    Canada    Primarily work in Canada.
Godwin    James C.    USA    United States
Gong     Shiping     China     China
Goode    Eric    USA    Madagascar, Myanmar & South Africa
Griffiths    Owen L.    Mauritius    Mauritius (includes Rodrigues), Madagascar
Guyot Jackson    Ghislaine    USA    USA and Europe; France
Hagen    Cris    USA    USA; Indonesia
Hagerty    Bridgette    USA    USA
Hailey    Adrian    Trinidad & Tobago    Trinidad & Tobago, Greece, France
Harding    James H.    USA    USA
Heinrich    George L.    USA    USA
Hendrie    Douglas B.    Vietnam    Asia region with particular focus on Vietnam and Myanmar
Henen    Brian T.    USA    Africa, North America; USA; South Africa; Madagascar; Uzbekistan
Heng    Sovannara    Cambodia    Cambodia
Hennig    Andreas S.    Germany    global
Herman    Dennis W.    USA    USA; Southeastern United States
Herman    Thomas B.    Canada    Canada, USA, Malaysia, Belize, Costa Rica
Hodges     Kathryn M.     Australia     Australia
Hofmeyr    Margaretha D.    South Africa    South Africa
Holloway    Rohan    Australia    Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia
Holmstrom    William F.    USA    Myanmar, Madagascar
Hoogmoed    Marinus S.    Brazil    Amazon Region, mostly Brazil; Suriname
Horne    Brian D.     USA    USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, India, Myanmar
Horta     Gabrieal de Freitas     Brazil     Brazil, Cerrado
Howeth    Jennifer G.    USA    Mexico
Hudson    Rick    USA    USA, Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, India) 
Ibarrondo    Bonggi Rodrigo    Indonesia    Indonesia, Timor Leste
Inchaustegui    Sixto J.    Dominican Republic    Dominican Republic, Hispaniola, West Indies
Innis    Charles J.    USA    USA
Iskandar    Djoko T.    Indonesia    Indonesia
Ivanchev    Ivo E.    Bulgaria    Bulgaria
Iverson    John B.    USA    USA; Mexico; Colombia; China
Jackson    Dale R.    USA    USA
Jacobson    Elliott R.    USA    USA
Janzen    Fredric J.    USA    USA, Costa Rica, Australia
Jensen    Karen A.    Malaysia    Currently:  Malaysia & Borneo; Previously: Southwestern USA; Pacific Islands/Oceana
Jones    Robert L.    USA    Southeastern USA
Juvik    James O.    USA    Africa (Namibia, Madagascar), Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, China)
Kalb    Heather J.    USA    USA
Kennett    Rod M.    Australia    Australia
Kiester    A. Ross    USA    Global; USA; Vietnam
Klerks    Mark    Netherlands    Netherlands, South Africa
Kuchling    Gerald    Australia    Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, China, Mediterranean Europe
Landrey    Chuck    USA    USA
Lau    Michael    China    Hong Kong, South China
Lawson    Dwight P.    USA    Cameroon, Africa, Asia
Le    Minh    USA    Vietnam
Lechowicz    Christopher J.    USA    USA, Madagascar
Lehr    Edgar    USA    Peru; SE-Asia; Vietnam
Leuteritz    Thomas E.J.    USA    USA, Madagascar, South Africa
Lewis    Richard E.    Madagascar    Philippines; Mascarenes; Mauritius; Madagascar
Lieberman    Susan S.    Switzerland    Global; Italy
Limpus     Duncan     Australia     Australia
Lindeman    Peter V.    USA    USA
Lipman    Alison    USA    USA, Bolivia
Litzgus    Jacqueline D.    Canada    Canada, USA
Livoreil    Barbara A.    France    France
Loehr    Victor J.T.    Netherlands    Netherlands, South Africa
Louis, Jr.    Edward E.    USA    Madagascar; Ecuador (Galapagos); Mexico; Thailand; South Africa
Lovich    Jeffrey E.    USA    USA
Luiselli    Luca    Italy    Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Italy; mainly in Nigeria & Italy
Mantziou    Georgia    Greece    Greece and east Mediterranean region
Maran    Jérôme    France    Africa, especially central africa; Gabon, Cameroun, Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville), Central African Republic
McCormack    Tim    Vietnam    Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar
McCoy    Earl D.    USA    USA, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico
McDiarmid    Roy W.    USA    North, Central, and South America [primarily USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela]
McGaugh    Suzanne E.    USA    USA (Texas, Iowa, Illinois), Mexico (Coahuila, Cuatro Ciénegas, and Chihuahua)
Medica    Philip A.    USA    USA, Southwestern states of Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico
Meshaka    Walter E., Jr.    USA    Eastern United States
Métrailler    Sébastien    Switzerland    South America, French Guyana, Paraguay, Argentina
Meylan    Peter A.    USA    Panama, Bermuda, USA
Mifsud    David    USA    USA
Mitchell    Joseph C.    USA    USA
Mittermeier    Russell A.    USA    Madagascar; Brazil; Suriname; Guyana
Mobaraki    Asghar    Iran    Iran
Moler    Paul E.    USA    USA, Vietnam, South Africa
Moll    Don    USA    Global; USA, Costa Rica, Belize, Thailand, Tanzania
Moll    Edward O.    USA    Malaysia, India, United States
Mortimer    Jeanne A.    Seychelles    Current:   Seychelles; Previous:  Brazil (Rio Trombetas)
Mushinsky    Henry R.    USA    USA
Mwaya    Reginald T.    Tanzania    Tanzania, East Africa sub-region
Noureen    Uzma     Pakistan    Pakistan
Ogle    Ronnie M.    USA    USA and Madagascar
Orenstein    Ronald I.    Canada    Global
Ota    Hidetoshi    Japan    Japan
Owens    Thomas C.    USA    Captive: Global; in-Situ: United States
Páez    Vivian P.    Colombia    Colombia
Pappas    Michael J.    USA    North America (Minnesota and Wisconsin - Upper Mississippi River marsh and river turtles)
Parham    James F.    USA    China, Middle East, West Indies, Cuba, Jamaica
Pauler    Ingo    Germany    Germany and EU
Pearse    Devon E.    USA    USA, Brazil, Venezuela
Pedrono    Miguel    France    Madagascar, Vietnam
Perälä    Jarmo    Finland    Current main focus on France, but also (as previously) all circum-Mediterranean countries; Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Libya, western and central Asia
Pezzuti    Juarez C.B.    Brazil    Brazilian Amazonia
Philippen    Hans-Dieter    Germany    Germany
Platt    Kalyar    Thailand    Myanmar; Thailand; Malaysia
Platt    Steven G.    USA    USA, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand; Indonesia
Plummer    Michael V.    USA    USA
Polisar    John    USA    Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, Venezuela, USA
Poynter    Bradley    USA    Southeast Asia; Malaysia
Praschag    Peter    Austria    Global, but in last years India and Bangladesh, best known area Northeast India, but also Pakistan, Myanmar; Austria
Pritchard    Peter C.H.    USA    Guyana, Galapagos (Ecuador), Vietnam, China, Many others from time to time
Quinn    Hugh R.    USA    Asia, USA
Rafeliarisoa    Tsilavo H.    Madagascar    Madagascar
Ramy    Angelo M.    Madagascar    Madagascar, Baly Bay National Parc (Soalala)
Randriamahazo    Herilala J.A.R.    Madagascar    Madagascar
Rao    R.J.    India    India
Raphael    Bonnie L.    USA    Vietnam, USA, Madagascar
Rashid    S.M.A.    Bangladesh    Bangladesh
Razafindrakoto    A. Léon    France    France; Madagascar
Rhodin    Anders G.J.    USA    Papua New Guinea; Indonesia; USA; South America; Brazil; Puerto Rico; Sweden
Riedle     Daren     USA     USA
Rioux Paquette    Sébastien    New Zealand    Madagascar, Canada
Riyanto    Awal    Indonesia    Indonesia
Rodrigues    Maurice    USA    Madagascar, Myanmar & South Africa
Roosenburg    Willem M.    USA    USA - Eastern United States; Maryland - Chesapeake Bay Region; Ohio - Scioto River Drainage
Rueda-Almonacid    José Vicente    Colombia    Colombia
Salzberg     Allen S.     USA     Global
Saumure    Raymond A.    USA    Canada, USA
Schaffer    Chuck    USA    North America, Southeast Asia; USA
Schaffer     Jason     Australia     Australia
Schoppe    Sabine    Philippines    Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, SE Asia
Scott, Jr.    Norman J.    USA    Paraguay; California, USA
Seidel       Michael E.    USA    USA, West Indies; Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico
Seigel    Richard A.    USA    USA
Selman    Will    USA    USA, Southeast Mississippi
Senneke    Darrell    USA    USA
Shaffer    H. Bradley    USA    USA, Australia, Mexico, new world tropics, China
Sharma    Dionysius S.K.    Malaysia    Malaysia
Shepherd    Chris R.    Malaysia    Southeast Asia; Malaysia; Indonesia
Shi    Haitao    China    China
Singh    Shailendra    India    India
Slimani    Tahar    Morrocco    Southernmost and Saharan areas of Morocco
Smith    Lora L.    USA    USA, formerly Madagascar
Som    Sitha    Cambodia    Most of Cambodia and central Laos (Nakai Plateau)
Souza    Franco L.    Brazil    Brazil
Spinks    Phillip Q.    USA    USA
Spotila    James R.    USA    USA, South Africa, Costa Rica
Starkey    David E.    USA    USA, Australia, and the Caribbean; Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico
Stuart    Bryan L.    USA    Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam
Swingland    Ian R.    United Kingdom    Australia, Bangladesh, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Europe, India, Indonesia, PR China, Peru, Sarawak, Seychelles, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, United Kingdom, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Syed    Gracia P.    USA    Mexico, Mesoamerica
Tabaka    Chris    USA    United States- Michigan fauna, Southeast Asia
Taskavak    Ertan    Turkey    Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia
Thomas    R. Brent    USA    USA
Thomson    Robert C.    USA    USA
Thomson    Scott    Australia    Australasia; Australia; Papua New Guinea
Trauth    Stanley E.    USA    USA
Tuberville    Tracey D.    USA    United States (eastern), Jamaica
Tucker    John K.    USA    USA (Central)
Türkozan    Oguz    Turkey    Turkey
Valenzuela    Nicole    USA    USA, South America, Colombia, Venezuela
van Dijk    Peter Paul    USA    Global, emphasis on Asia; Thailand; Malaysia; Netherlands
Vargas-Ramirez    Mario A.    Germany    Colombia
Vasudevan    Karthik    India    India
Velosoa    Juliette    Madagascar    Madagascar
Vetter    Holger    Germany    Europe; Germany
Vinke    Thomas    Paraguay    Paraguay mainly, additional Latin America, previously Southern Europe
Vogt    Richard C.     Brazil    Amazon Basin, Brazil; Mexico
Walde    Andrew D.    USA    USA & Canada
Walker    Ryan C.J.    United Kingdom     Madagascar
Walsh    Timothy J.    USA    USA, Florida
Walton    Elizabeth M.    USA    USA
Webb    Robert G.    USA    SW USA, northern Mexico, Papua New Guinea; Indonesia
Weissgold    Bruce J.    USA    USA; Global
Wen    Cheng    China    People's Republic of China
Whitaker    Nikhil    India    India
Wilson    Dawn S.    USA    USA; Southwest US
Yasukawa    Yuichirou    Japan    Japan and East Asia
Zaher    Hussam    Brazil    Central and South America; Brazil
Zappalorti    Robert T.    USA    USA, especially the eastern half, and Taiwan
Zeigler    F. William    USA    Malaysia, Indonesia
Zhou    Ting    China    China
Zovickian    William H.    USA    USA; Madagascar
Zuffi    Marco A.L.    Italy    Italy, France and Corsica, Spain, Morocco, Ecuador
Zug    George R.    USA    Oceania; Myanmar
Zwartepoorte    Hendrik A.    Netherlands    Netherlands

Former TFTSG members 1981–2012